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To create spaces and opportunities where people connect, learn and celebrate through art and community.


An inclusive community where everyone has equitable access to the art of living well.

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Core Values

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Thriving in life requires creativity.

Art (of any medium) allows people to reflect the beauty and pain of life, it allows a person to explore the depths of their own creativity, and we believe everyone should have access to that.

Everyone relies upon their imagination regardless of age, educational background,  job title, economic standing, or family dynamic. We strive to inspire people to tap into the freedom of limitless human expression of thought and emotion - expression that has the power to bring relief, solve problems and call new ideas into existence.

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Reciprocity of respect for self, for others, and for the land lived upon is strengthening. It is the fuel that every community needs in order to thrive.

Through art and community engagement, we aim to shine light upon the inherent value of the city of Milwaukee and most importantly, the people who live here.

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Exploring art, and learning through art, should be something we all experience beyond the curricular activities of elementary and secondary education.

We strive to foster a community where people can learn and grow every day through the art of living well – a place where people can explore and participate in life, whether they see themselves as an artist or not.

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Everyone has the choice to contribute to the success of a community.

We consciously choose to create and uphold principles that will always value the positive impact we have on the surrounding community over our own interests. 

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Exposure to people outside of one’s inner circle broadens awareness – it sparks contemplation and conversation, adding value to one’s life experience.

We aspire to create spaces where representation matters – where people can come together to develop and experience enriching connections through art and community. This is done consciously because we believe it’s important that we all learn about the people and cultures around us through direct and personal ways.

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