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Black banner with blue and purple paint splatter throughout header.
Art intersection MKE logo with four individually colored arrows pointing towards the center.


Art Intersection MKE is a sculpture and mural garden that was created for public benefit– and we believe that art combined with meaningful human connection is the Art of Living Well.


Our greenspace is a place where people can come together to develop and experience meaningful connections through art and community.

We feature public art designed and produced by regional artists, to be shared and celebrated with the neighborhood community.    


Art Intersection MKE provides community arts and entertainment programming and we're able to accommodate private events.


We aspire and strive to be an inclusive space where representation matters. 


Art Intersection MKE is owned and maintained by Derrick Cainion. 









Image of Art Intersection MKE space. Green grass with a gravel path that leads to a gravel gathering space. Red wounded metal heart shaped sculpture with teal colored base in the foreground with a planter full of burgandy and green plants. The rear of the space has a all white mural sturcture that looks like a wall. To right, a sculpture of a metalic sihlouette of a person standing on a brown box holding a large hammer with a red head striking a purple flower. Green folliage and blue sky is the background.
Image of Derrick smiling in front of a blurred background. Black man with shaved head, beard and mustache wearing a white shirt and navy blue jacket. Standing with his hands in his jacket pockets.

Art Intersection MKE founder Derrick Cainion is a Milwaukee native. Derrick created Art Intersection MKE to be a place where people can come together to experience human interaction and art that sparks positive community change. He knows that art and human connection improve well-being.


He comes from a family of artists and attended arts schools in the Milwaukee Public School system. He is an alumnus of the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra.


As a nationally certified sign language interpreter, Derrick has honed his strengths in this service-based profession by engaging with people from all walks of life. His interpreting career has given him a deeper understanding and appreciation for inclusivity, especially in regards to being welcoming to people physically and psychologically


Derrick is committed to equity, accessibility and sharing space for people to be their authentic selves– he wants to bring the community together and knows art can be that unifying force.

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